Temperature control solutions - Coldstores, Blasts, Temper Units, Defrost and modular builds for sale.

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Modular Cold Storage Complexes
A complete range of modular Cold Storage complexes available for immediate delivery Go

Cold Storage Linked to Existing Facility.  Go

Tempering Units
Cold Storage and Cold Rooms used for Tempering.

Blast Freezers and Chillers
A wide Range of Blast Freezers and Blast Chillers available for immediate delivery.

Dawson cold stores can be installed standalone internally or externally.  Go

Cold Storage Chillers. 



Container vs Coldstore

Compare the difference

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BlastFreezer sales offer

Blast Freezers - The ideal solution for when energy efficiency and costs are paramount, but you still need to take the top temperature off your product fast.

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Cold stores sales offer

Coldstore Superbox27. Ensure your product is kept at the correct temperature with a purpose built 27 europallet cold storage unit. Temperature range of -30°C – +60°C.

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Cold stores sales offer

Dawsonrentals supply modular purpose built cold stores which provide extra chilled, frozen or ambient space. Our cold stores can be installed standalone internally or externally.

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